How important is proper hardwood flooring installation? It can make the difference between long lasting beautiful floors and a costly mistake that will need to be repaired or replaced in the short term.

Properly installed hardwood flooring can provide you with a healthy choice for interior environments, making clean-up of dust, animal dander, and allergens easy. When installed correctly, hardwood also gives your home better acoustics, not the hollow sound or squeaks you might encounter when hardwood is installed improperly.

Here at Blue Ribbon Flooring we appreciate your hard earned dollars, and the importance of getting your hardwood flooring installation right on the first try. Our flooring installation will not only give your new floors that high quality look that never goes out of style, but strength and durability. We ensure your installation will stand up to active households, not to mention, aging well and bringing you top dollar on your investment should you ever decide to sell your home.